About me

Thavil Artist P.M.Ranjith Vinayak’s was born to K.N.Puttaraju and P.Manjula on 23rd February 2011, in Bangalore. His father is a thavil artist and a keen music enthusiast. Ranjith was introduced to Carnatic music by his father at the tender age of three. He would accompany his father to concerts.He played to the tavils’s tempo with perfect timings for which he was often applauded for.

Ranjith received his traditional training in thavil from vidwans Thirunageswaram T R Subramanian and Hosur P Venkatesan.
His debut performance happened when he was about five years old, in a temple festival with renowned nagaswaram artists Thirkovilur Babu & Kumar at “Kula Deivam Ellamal Ammal Temple, Veetharkupeye, Bangalore. His Guru T R Subramanian accompanied him and gave his support.

At the age of 7 Master Ranjith started his full-fledged concert and accompained vidwans Nagaswaram Maestros Thirupamburam T.K.S.Meenakshisundaram, Injikudi E.M.Subramanian, Chinamanoor A.Vijay Karthikeyan Idumbhavanam V.Praksh Ilayaraja, Thirumeignanam T.P.Ramanathan, Yalapanam P.S.Balamurugan & Kumaran, Thavil Maestros Haridhwaramangalam A.K.Palanivel, Thanjavur T.R.Govindarajan, Thirunageshwaram T.R.Subramanian, Mannargudi M.R.Vasudevan, Thirupungur T.G.Muthukumaraswamy and Kovilur K.G.Kalyansundaram.

He has also accompanied other artists like O.S.Arun (Vocal) Prabhanjan Balachandar (Flute) Kadri Gopinath (saxophone) Abhijith P. S. Nair (Violinist) and U.Rajesh (Mandolin).

He is a prestigious recipient of the award “Kala Ranta” instituted by Manikanda Sangeetha Phataa Shala and Seva Trust Bangalore. He has also etched his name in High Range Book of World Record as INDIA’S YOUNGEST THAVIL PLAYER.